What is this thing?

This is a small tool for learning bird sounds that was made by @blprnt.

Can I get bird names in different languages?

Yes! Translation of all bird names works automatically if you have your browser language set. If you want to load a different language you can.

What if I want to focus on a specific type of birds?

You can do this by applying filters. For example birbs.glitch.me?filter=warbler or birbs.glitch.me?filter=sparrow. You can also combine them: birbs.glitch.me?filter=sparrow,warbler

I use eBird. Can I hear sounds of birds just from a hotspot?

Yes! First look up the hotspot code from here. And then put that code into the url like these examples:

What about this other feature I want?

Maybe? Reach out and I can see what I can do.